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Current Game Stats

Game Time: January 2019

Next Change: July 1, 2020 

Weather: Cold with chances of snow and rain.

Local Events

01/01: New Year's Day

01/03 - 01/13: Under the Radar Festival

01/05 - 01/14: Winter Jazzfest

01/21: MLK Jr. Day


January Birthdays

27: Cameron Rigby


Character of the Month

Bright Lights & City Scapes


Welcome to Bright Lights and City Scapes, a modern New York City RPG.

The duality of city life has long attracted people from all walks of life. Whether viewed as all things glamorous or close encounters with the dark underbelly of society, no one can deny the powerful draw of New York City.


Welcome to Astoria, a neighborhood in Queens located between the East River, Long Island City, Woodside, and Steinway. Originally founded in 1659, Astoria is home to a diverse population of the professional and working class, where everyone from artists to investment bankers flock with the desire to make something of themselves.











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